For a Safer World

We believe in a safe future. A future in which technology support the full-potential exploitation of mankind.

About us

End-to-end process optimization

Be in pole position

We are convinced we can improve your organization inside and outside by optimizing your security operations. With our state-of-the art ERP platform, you can control, manage and optimize your processes and work force. Because a better organization ensures your future.

We believe differently

We believe that technology can and will further enhance society and corporate life. And more important: we believe in a safe future, where companies and people are happy. We want to make this vision reality by combining our expertise in security operations with future-proof technology to optimize business processes.

Solutions for


Choosing Safox means choosing future-proof software and an integration of technology. We offer plug and play solutions that remain open for agile adaptation. This ERP platform will allow you to help your customers continually improve their business processes. And last but not least: with our focus on safety and efficiency, you can work with us towards a safer world. Now and in the future. Together.


How does Safox help? We start by gaining insight in your “AS IS” through safety and process analyses. Based on these results, we define your optimal “TO BE”, maximizing safety and cost efficiency. We create the best fitting solution for your company, focusing on scope, timing and budget. We take care of everything: we always implement end-to-end and offer life-lasting support, with an eye for sustainable mutual growth.


With our future-proof technological know-how, we optimize the digital management of your business processes. We organize safety and improve efficiency by providing fitting integrated technology.


The basics of Safox are built on organizations, locations and people. This modular approach allows a company to ‘grow as you go’ and to rightsize at any time. Starting from this basis, we’ve implemented an extensive set of smart digital solutions. For a full overview of these functionalities, download our brochure.


From a technical point of view, Safox is built on a SAAS architecture. This runs on a solid back end, providing optimal connectivity, safety and access, 24/7. We install, maintain and manage the platform. This way, you can fully enjoy its functionalities without having any technical worries.

We offer smart digital solutions

  • Organization Management

  • Customer Relation Management

  • Contract Management

  • Invoicing

  • Planning

  • On-site Workforce Reporting

  • Smart Mobile Reporting

  • Human Resource Management

  • (Pre-)Payroll

  • Task Management

  • Meeting Reports

  • Workflows

  • Quick scan audit

  • Customer & Staff Portal


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“The business transformation from physical proximity to remote proximity is a disruptive innovation. It will take smart technologies to support operational solutions to realize a win-win for all stakeholders.”